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The Place of Knowing: A Spiritual Autobiography

About the Author
Emma Lou Warner Thayne is a much honored and anthologized writer of fourteen books of poetry, essays, and fiction as well as the hymn, "Where Can I Turn for Peace?" She lives in Salt Lake City where she has been a pioneer for women in business, education, and the arts.

About The Place of Knowing: A Spiritual Autobiography

Things happen. Early in the world you travel into them. One day
you rise without prayer in a far camp and silently hurry away.
Having slept under stars and still breathing the greyed fire,
who would take time to suppose this the middle of a lifetime?

—Emma Lou Warner Thayne

Knowing is a process, not an arrival. The Place of Knowing celebrates the spiritual—both seen and unseen—through the life of acclaimed writer and devout Mormon Emma Lou Warner Thayne. In this insightful, eloquently written memoir, Emma Lou shares poignant personal anecdotes that begin with a terrifying near-death experience when, without warning, a six-pound iron rod smashed through a car windshield into her face. As she narrates her journey through her recovery process, she reflects on previous life experiences—from the daily to the sublime. Through both example and insight, she shares adventures while offering a calming presence for those who may fear death, yearn to know how to celebrate life, and crave direction on how to access the wonders of the divine.

For anyone who has wondered about life after death or who desires a better understanding of his or her divine self and how to enjoy being present in the world, The Place of Knowing will inspire spiritual seekers everywhere to reach out in friendship to others and to embrace new experiences—ultimately discovering themselves in the process.

"In view of the terrifying event with which it begins, it is a wonderful surprise to find the tremendous joy behind this book. It is everywhere suffused with Emma Lou Thayne's astonishing energy and capacity for love. She has found many lives inside herself, and teaches us to rejoice in that."
—Henry Taylor, Pulitzer Prize winner

"I think this book is Emma Lou's tour de force ... I couldn't put it down. Her 'voice' and spirit and visual poetic nature reached my heart and spirit, as if apart from my mind. The depth of her spirituality and belief in the goodness of people inspire me."
—Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"In her poetry or prose, Emma Lou has the ability to make us laugh and likewise to cry—but always the unique ability to make us understand life a little better."
—Olene S. Walker, first woman governor of Utah